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Residential locks and keys for your home

Emergency locksmith service. Locked out of your home? Are your keys lost? Was your home broken into? Does someone you no longer trust possibly have a key to your home? Metro Atlanta Locksmith can rekey your locks or replace your locks, 24 hours 7 days a week, with our emergency locksmith service

Rekey locksets. Did you move into a new house? You should Home Security Locksmithrekey all the locksets in your home, so the previous owner, the former owner's maid or babysitter, or real estate agent no longer has access. Metro Atlanta Locksmith can give you an estimate to rekey locksets. You also wish to rekey to get all the locks in your home on one key, if they are different.

Secure lockset installation. Want the highest home security possible? Have Metro Atlanta Locksmith install new locks with special keys that can only be duplicated by a professional locksmith, with your permission.

Install decorative locksets. When decorating your home, have Metro Decorative lock from locksmithAtlanta Locksmith replace ugly lockets with more decorative locksets, or just have us replace the knobs and levers instead of the whole lockset, when that's possible.

Repair lock. Locks have mechanical parts that wear or break. When a residential lock stops working, Metro Atlanta Locksmith can repair it.

Duplicate key: Replace lost keys and copy keys by calling Metro Atlanta Locksmith.

Decorative lock from locksmithLockset brands. Metro Atlanta Locksmith services the best residential lockset brands: ADEMCO, Baldwin, Corbin Russwin, DMP, DSC, GE, GE Interlogix, Honeywell, Jet, Kaba, Kwikset, Master Lock, Medeco, Mul-T-Lock, Napco, Primus, Radionics, Ranger, Sargent, Schlage, Simplex, SMP, Sumitomo, Von Duprin, Weslock, Win-Pak, Yale lock.

Security locks

Make your home safer and more secure by adding another layer of protection to your doors with deadbolts, camlocks, and padlocks.

Deadbolt. It costs little to install a residential deadbolt on every door, yet Deadbolt from locksmiththis quick installation adds considerable security and protection to your home. Metro Atlanta Locksmith has deadbolts that are locked with a key or a latch, or you can install a vertical slam deadbolt that automatically locks when the door is closed so it is never unprotected. Better protection is offered by vertical deadbolts that are harder for a burglar to jimmy, but the more popular horizontal deadbolts offer good security, too.

Cam lock. Protect drawers, cabinets, and small doors by having Metro Atlanta Locksmith install a cam lock. Cam locks have stainless steel cylinders that resist drilling, smashing or pulling a lock open. Cam locks have unique round cam lock keys that are very difficult to duplicate.

Padlock. A weather-resistant padlock from Metro Atlanta Locksmith can protect your outdoor equipment, shed, gate, boat, and more.

Keyless locks for your home

Keyless locks are great for families with children, maids, or others who need easy access to home. Keyless locks are ideal if you don't want to carry many keys or ever worry about being locked out of the home. If you no longer want someone to Keyless lock installed in metro Atlantahave access to your home, there's no need to ask for keys back; just reprogram your keyless lock to have a new access code. You can also temporarily let a carpenter or painter have access for a short while.

Keyless locksets for your home. An electronic locket features a keypad or fingerprint reader to allow only authorized people to enter. A keyless lock from Metro Atlanta Locksmith has an electronic lockset with a touchpad, fingerprint reader or combination keypad.

Home keyless entry system. Metro Atlanta Locksmith can install a residential keyless system that can be remote controlled to let people enter or exit, or activated by any authorized person to open a door or gate. Have us visit your home to survey your needs and recommend the best keyless entry system. An electric strike or magnetic lock installed on a door or gate can be triggered to open by a remote control, radio transmitter, touchpad, combination keypad, fingerprint reader, key card, proximity reader push-to-open switch, biometric scanner, magnetic card reader, or other security device. Your cars can automatically open gates, garages, or your home door when you approach using vehicle cards, remotes, or radio transmitters.

Exit devices

Residential door closer. Make sure your home is secure and locked by having Metro Atlanta Locksmith install or repair a door closer on doors, so you know your locks are latched securely.

Security doors and security gates

Install security gates. Metro Atlanta Locksmith places decorative metal gates on your glass doors and glass windows so burglars won't try to break them. Install a fire gate on any window where you need to escape, so you can open the gate from inside when there's an emergency. Have us add a security gate your driveway or fenced yard to keep burglars and intruders away.

Security door. Ordinary doors aren't secure when they have glass, are thin, or made of easy-to-break wood. Metro Atlanta Locksmith can replace them with better security doors. Fire doors can slow the spread of a fire within your home.

Home safes

Install a residential safe. Metro Atlanta Locksmith will Home Jewelry Safe from Atlanta Locksmithinstall a home safe that's hard to find or difficult for a burglar to remove from your home. Keep your jewelry, cash, important papers, DVDs and photos, family treasures, and other valuables where they won't be stolen or burned in a fire. We have a residential safe that can beautifully fit into your home decor.

Store lots in a filing cabinet safe. If you have many valuable papers, films, videos, photos, computer data tapes, or family heirlooms then a filing cabinet safe is an economical way to store a large amount of material that won't be burned in a fire or stolen by a burglar.

Open a locked safe, repair a safe. When you cannot open a safe, call Metro Atlanta Locksmith. We can also repair a safe that isn't working.

Security camera, surveillance camera

A security camera or surveillance camera system can have many uses in your home. See who is at your property gate or your front door before you let them in. Monitor your children or your baby. Keep an eye on your pet, maid, babysitter, or other worker. Monitor your home security camera even when you at work or far away using an Internet connection and a PC. Keep an eye on your vacation home or rental property when you aren't there.

Security camera installed by locksmithSecurity Cameras. Surveillance cameras can shoot a specific area in your home, or cameras can have remote control motors so you can zoom, pan, or tilt to shoot different areas. Cameras can be installed on ceilings or outside in weather proof housings. Night cameras can see in the dark, helpful when you fear a burglar or animal lurking outside. A motion detector camera will record only when someone moves into a room. Call Metro Atlanta Locksmith to get a quote.

Hidden cameras. Metro Atlanta Locksmith has surveillance cameras hidden inside computer speakers, air cleaners, fake spotlights, clocks, clock radios, and other devices so they won't be discovered.

Security Video Recorders. Keep a record of everything happening in your home by recording your cameras onto a digital video recorder (DVR). When you come home, you can see what your day workers were doing on the property during the day, see your babysitter taking care of your children, see if children were doing homework after school, monitor your pet, and see who entered and exited your front gate or entrance doors. Ask Metro Atlanta Locksmith to recommend the best surveillance system for your home.

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